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Corporate responsibility old

Pöyry is committed to managing and developing its business in a sustainable and responsible manner. At Pöyry, the term corporate responsibility is used to describe the economic, social and environmental responsibility as well as the use of the highest ethical standards in all our operations. The aim is that Pöyry will be recognised as a forerunner creating expectations and showing thought leadership in the context of Corporate Responsibility.

Since the adaptation of the common Pöyry brand in 2006 the group’s operating guidelines have been updated to reflect the one-brand strategy and to create common procedures and supervision mechanisms in areas where benefits from a uniform mode of operation may be achieved. The One Pöyry approach stipulates the development and use of common procedures and supervision mechanisms throughout the group. In 2010, Pöyry’s ESG-approach (Environmental, Social, Governance) was compiled into a Corporate Responsibility Policy. The policy sets the framework, through which Pöyry as a company is committed to incorporate social and environmental considerations into its organisational governance and decision-making processes.

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