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Metro Copenhagen Cityringen, Denmark

Metro Copenhagen Cityringen will be a fully automated driverless metro ring line under the central part of Copenhagen. The line will consist of 17 underground stations, 16.5 km of twin tube TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) -tunnels, 3 cross-over structures built in NATM (New Austrian Tunnel Method), 4 shafts and a maintenance and control center. In addition Cityringen will include an automated control and maintenance centre for operation and maintenance of the system.

Cityringen will be a system fully independent of the existing metro. It will have transfer facilities to the existing metro stations at Kongens Nytorf and Frederiksberg. Furthermore, there will be transfer facilities to the existing regional and commuter railway station at Københaven H station, at Østerport station and at Nørrebro station.

Where possible, the stations shall include daylight lit structures of high architectural quality. All platforms will be provided with platform screen doors and served by stairs, escalators and lifts.

In the project, Pöyry acted as the lead company of a design joint venture who provided design and consulting services in the bidding phase for the construction joint venture.

Project Facts: 
Client: Bidding Group "Alpine FCC Bietergemeinschaft", Vienna
Project: Driverless metro system Copenhagen
Project period: 11/2009 - 12/2010
Services: Analysis and evaluation of the tender documents
  Detailing of the existing design
  Elaboration of alternative solutions
  Preliminary structural analysis
  Compilation of the entire tender specification of the bid
  Bill of quantities

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