Pöyry AMS

Pöyry Advanced Modelling and Simulation Services

Pöyry's powerful new fluid-flow modelling and simulation services are transforming energy, industry and infrastructure engineering. Now you can ‘virtually visualise heat and fluid flow scenarios - that were only speculated before!’

Traditionally, in their search for innovative and safer solutions to complex issues, engineers relied upon a ‘trial and error’ approach. Further, analytical solutions and simplified models have proven partial successful only, pleading in favour of more complete multi-dimensional and transient approaches.

Features of the service

Building on the latest digital techniques and Computer Aided Engineering solutions, Pöyry's AMS service is enabled by the powerful fluid-flow simulation platform, TransAT. TransAT delivers accurate, multi-dimensional and transient process predictions with a wide range of applications across energy, industry and infrastructure sectors.

  • Highly flexible platform: use to create and tailor your unique scenario and to your needs
  • Straightforward to model your scenario with an intuitive user interface
  • Compelling way to illustrate and explain complex scenarios thanks to the high quality and visually engaging 3D outputs
  • Software IP is owned, supported and developed by Pöyry's team of specialists who understand your specific challenges
  • Full training and support options for clients who wish to run the software themselves.

Key user benefits

  • Better informed decisions - earlier on: by effectively modelling and simulating your initial feasibility study and proof of concept, you get vital upfront insight needed to support investment decisions.
  • Maximise efficiency and reliability: by validating new ideas and improving designs, as well as retro-fitting existing operations. Overall confidence increases in the results of engineering studies.
  • Reduce risk, saving time and money: conduct virtual simulations of real life scenarios in less time and at a fraction of the cost of ‘real’ Laboratory experiments.

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