Pöyry AMS

Pöyry Advanced Modelling and Simulation Services

Pöyry's powerful new modelling and simulation services are transforming energy, industry and infrastructure engineering. Now you can ‘virtually visualise heat and fluid flow scenarios - that were only speculated before!’

Traditionally, in their search for innovative and safer solutions to complex issues, engineers relied upon a ‘trial and error’ approach. Further, analytical solutions and simplified models have proven partial successful only, pleading in favour of more complete multi-dimensional and transient approaches.

Features of the service

Building on the latest digital techniques and Computer Aided Engineering solutions, Pöyry's AMS service is enabled by the powerful fluid-flow simulation platform, TransAT. TransAT delivers accurate, multi-dimensional and transient process predictions with a wide range of applications across energy, industry and infrastructure sectors.

  • Highly flexible platform: use to create and tailor your unique scenario and to your needs
  • Straightforward to model your scenario with an intuitive user interface
  • Compelling way to illustrate and explain complex scenarios thanks to the high quality and visually engaging 3D outputs
  • Software IP is owned, supported and developed by Pöyry's team of specialists who understand your specific challenges
  • Full training and support options for clients who wish to run the software themselves.

Key user benefits

  • Better informed decisions - earlier on: by effectively modelling and simulating your initial feasibility study and proof of concept, you get vital upfront insight needed to support investment decisions.
  • Maximise efficiency and reliability: by validating new ideas and improving designs, as well as retro-fitting existing operations. Overall confidence increases in the results of engineering studies.
  • Reduce risk, saving time and money: conduct virtual simulations of real life scenarios in less time and at a fraction of the cost of ‘real’ Laboratory experiments.

Advanced Simulation in the Energy Sector

Pöyry AMS provides CFD/CMFD-based consulting services in the conventional and renewable energy contexts. Simulations in the Thermal & Renewable sectors area involve fluid flow and heat & mass transfer processes pertinent to conversion and transport, including, e.g. steam turbines, heat exchangers, combustors, solar collectors, etc. In the nuclear energy segment, the team provides predicted thermal, multiphase flow solutions in reactor core and containment systems, or during postulated transients in Light Water Reactors. Pöyry’s AMS services in the hydropower sector include free-surface flow solutions for the design of hydraulic machinery, and for studying novel mechanisms producing hydropower.

Advanced Simulation in the Industry Sector

Out team of experts provides consulting services in the broad area of Industry, with design-oriented activities in chemical and process engineering, upstream and downstream oil & gas applications, chemicals & refining, and pulp and paper. Process and chemicals services include virtual flow solutions supporting design activities in various sub-branches, including: column & chemical reactors, fluidization, flow separation and mixing, particles precipitation.  The service targets food industry as well, including pasta extrusion, emulsification, drying, etc. In the O&G sector, we intervene in a variety of subjects, including: production and transportation, drilling, EOR, flow assurance, processes and surfaces facilities such as separation.

Advanced Simulation in the Infrastructure Segment

The three pillars serviced by Pöyry AMS are Waste water treatment, hydraulics engineering and wind engineering and industrial ventilation. Various problems related to waste-water treatment are treated by TransAT, including conventional secondary clarifiers, and chemical and biological treatment plants (PAC, Ozonation, Biofilms, etc.). In the hydraulics engineering area we advise on  preventive measures relevant to water floods, land sliding, snow and ice avalanches, and help design water storage systems, dams and spillways. The service includes analyzing pollutant dispersion, the design of modern passive heating-cooling systems, building skins, industrial ventilation and smoke extraction. In addition, our solutions deal with risk management for industrial and natural hazards.


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