Asset integrity analysis

Asset integrity analysis – optimise your investment spend

Process industries are facing enormous demands for simultaneous improved operational efficiencies, profitability and sustainability, putting pressure on new investments in machinery and equipment. With often limited budget, choosing the right investment strategy is crucial in bringing CAPEX cost down. Pöyry’s asset integrity analysis provides you with an objective opinion to support your investment decision making.

A mill’s asset base, machinery and equipment, is typically the main component in developing performance and efficiency. The asset integrity analysis gives you an in-depth understanding of the mill’s assets, allowing you to create proper plans to invest in correct actions. Each feasible action comes with a ‘price tag’ and payback time, enabling you to phase out the investment and avoid overly hasty moves and high expenditures.

Pöyry’s insight on demand landscape and technological solutions as well as access to supplier-independent cost data make us the ideal partner to help you make the most of your investment. 

Up to60%reduction in CAPEX*

Choosing the right investment strategy can bring your CAPEX cost down by up to 60%*.

The asset integrity analysis is a four-phase assessment that comprises initial data processing and review, inspection and evaluation of the asset base at the mill, action plan recommendation and, finally, documentation of detailed conclusions in a report. The work process is quick, taking typically less than 7 weeks.

Work flow of the asset integrity analysis

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* Example of a client case where three alternatives were found feasible to solve equipment performance issues. The most affordable solution was 60% less in cost than the most expensive one (new equipment).