My Pöyry Story

'I appreciate how my work ties into the big picture'

Kristen, Staff Engineer, USA

Having access to global design leaders sets Pöyry apart from other companies.

"I received my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. I was born and raised in California and began my career working in the municipal and commercial/residential development arenas.  Upon moving to Wisconsin, I worked in Environmental Compliance and Design, mainly on large-scale dairy farms.

Coming from a completely different side of engineering, the projects here encompass a larger variety of problems to solve, requiring collaborative work with engineers of varying backgrounds. I enjoy learning all the facets of paper making from the folks in the office that have been in the industry for 40 years. While the designs that I provide typically function in the background of the facility (i.e. storm drainage), I’ve been able to work on large-scale projects and see how my design impacts all facets of the facility and their processes.

Having access to global design leaders sets Pöyry apart from other companies.  I’ve been able to access technical specialists in Brazil, Canada, Finland, and Germany. This improves efficiencies of project work significantly, allowing us to have the best experts available for the clients."