My Pöyry Story

'I can act like an intrapreneur'

John, Business Manager, Thermal Power, United Arab Emirates

Truly, Pöyry is a great workplace.

After completing a Mechanical Engineering degree back in the mid-eighties and working for 15 years at a consulting and engineering company in Bangalore, India, I joined Pöyry.  Being one of the top ranked international engineering companies, it was my natural choice. I had found my place.

I joined as a senior engineer, soon became a project manager and, in 2004, was appointed project manager for the Sohar1 Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) in Oman. At the time, this was the largest Owner’s Engineer (OE) project of its type for Pöyry. 

My working life ‘DNA’ is aligned well with Pöyry’s expectations: that ‘project managers should act as intrapreneurs’. In fact, I was further challenged when given the opportunity to lead Pöyry’s Oman operations as Managing Director, which was a unique honour.

More recently, Pöyry’s assignment for the Dubai Electricity Water Authority first ‘clean coal’ project showcased our ability to work in a seamlessly connected way across different countries with the client achieving a very low levelised electricity cost. Satisfaction of strategising this unique win and the subsequent successful profitable execution is a unique experience.  Shaping yet more wins for Pöyry is very satisfying.

Pöyry’s belief in me has allowed me to work innovatively like an intrapreneur. Over the years, it has been a great experience to always work with a connected team of highly talented and committed professionals across the world. Truly, Pöyry is a great workplace. That’s my place.