My Pöyry Story

'I can contribute to my country’s development'

Armineh, Business Area Manager, Hydro, Iran

I am proud to work for a globally connected company like Pöyry.

"I joined Pöyry’s Iran branch (formerly part of Electrowatt Engineering) in 1992 as an accountant and had, by 1998, become Pöyry’s Country Manager for Iran.

At the time I joined, the Iran branch was mainly used as a co-ordination channel between our local clients and the larger, main energy office in Zürich. My aim was to build up our local expertise, improving the customer service and being more competitive in challenging market in and outside Iran.

In 2005, I had the honor to be promoted to Business Area Manager by Pöyry’s Energy President, who supported both the expansion of our activities in Iran and the increase in our local resources in various fields of engineering.

For the past four decades, the Iran team has served governmental clients, such as the Ministry of Energy and Iran Water and Power Company, as well as contractors and local consulting engineers. With my team, we have developed together to become the most reputable European consulting engineer in Iran.

As an Iranian, I am proud to work for a globally connected company like Pöyry. It allows me and my team to contribute to the development of our country through significant and successful projects."