My Pöyry Story

'I drive for the best quality'

Cyrill, Project Engineer, Switzerland

I was impressed by the diversity of knowledge at Pöyry.

"I received my master of science degree in environmental engineering from ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). A friend of mine was working as an intern at the Pöyry office in Zurich shortly before I graduated and he recommended me to apply for a job there.

I was impressed by the diversity of knowledge at Pöyry, so I applied and got a job as a project engineer in the warm and friendly team of the water & wastewater department in Zurich. From the very beginning I was involved in a very interesting project to improve and optimize the urban water management and waste water treatment system of an area with about 35,000 inhabitants in Switzerland. We created a storm water management model based on the GIS data from the sewer system, which we implemented from GIS into the SWMM program. It was the first time our department built up a complex hydrodynamic model like this and it was a good experience for me to work in an interdisciplinary team with a geographer and civil engineer to develop this model.

Establishing a model for hydrodynamic simulations and interpreting the results helped me gain the trust of my supervisor, while gaining the clients’ trust is about cooperating, communicating and building partnership. Thanks to our high-quality work and open and clear communication we created a good relationship with the client and are now receiving supplementary orders.

I am very motivated because I feel trusted by my superiors and empowered to take responsibility. Add challenging projects and open and direct communication in the team and I am driven even more to deliver the best quality."