My Pöyry Story

'I enjoy finding new ways to connect and collaborate'

Matthew, Programme Manager and Executive Support, Switzerland

I am proud of how we strive to bring more and more value to our clients.

"Working at Pöyry has been a great journey.  I joined in 2012 as a Business Service Analyst in our Oxford office.  I had recently graduated with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, and was asked to help with many local communications and business tasks.  From marketing to recruitment, events to client presentations, it is empowering to be completely supported by my colleagues, no matter their level.  It’s eye-opening to me how everyone was treated the same and had their ideas listened to, whether they have just arrived or been in the organisation for decades.

A year later I was given the opportunity to work supporting our global communications team, which soon developed into managing our digital communications.  It is a privilege to view Pöyry from a global perspective, particularly after starting in a local office.  It excites me to see how much local knowledge and expertise we have, in our many offices around the world.  I love being part of a global team, finding new and innovative ways to connect and collaborate.  As part of the roIe, I was able to discover more about the diversity and complexity of Pöyry’s projects and then showcase them to our clients.

Then, in 2016, I was asked to work directly for our CEO, as Programme Manager and Executive Support.  This meant moving to Zürich, giving me a chance to explore the beautiful scenery of Switzerland!

I am inspired by how much Pöyry’s management want to energise, empower and develop their colleagues, and I feel fully trusted to help them do this.  Above all, I am proud of how we strive to bring more and more value to our clients by combining knowledge and expertise from across the organisation.  It is an honour bringing people together in a truly connected company, using Pöyry’s unique perspective to help clients to overcome the challenges of an ever more complex world."