My Pöyry Story

'I enjoy the variety and challenges of the projects'

Laura, Analyst, Finland

For the best results you need high performing individuals that play seamlessly together.

"I grew up in Finland playing football and being interested in many things like languages and science. I ended up studying an engineering degree, because I find that engineers can make a tangible difference. I joined Pöyry two years ago and I find my position in Management Consulting very satisfying because I get to learn a lot, work in teams and communicate in a range of languages. I like the versatility of the projects that keep me alert, take me abroad and require developing new skills and apply existing ones in new situations.

I still play football at the highest level in Finland. I manage to train twice a day, and I find that Pöyry has a healthy approach to work-life balance. The elements of business and sports are very similar. You cannot succeed alone. For the best results you need high performing individuals that play seamlessly together. 

I have been working in projects related to packaging markets, operational excellence and cost competitiveness. Working on an operational excellence project in Spain was a great experience. It enabled me to understand consultancy ‘in action’ at a client site and how seamlessly Pöyry team members, from different business units and offices, worked together. I feel proud to work for Pöyry. The company has a good reputation in Finland and among our customers. My colleagues have believed in me since the beginning of my employment and it feels like Pöyry will offer me continuous opportunities to develop myself and enjoy my career."