My Pöyry Story

'I feel a great responsibility to our clients'

Brendan, Principal Consultant, United Arab Emirates

My overseas work experience has given me new perspectives.

"In 2007, I received my master’s degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge. I wanted to specialise in the energy sector and had a friend who was a client of Pöyry. He said Pöyry were a highly respected management consultant in the sector and put me in touch with one of the Directors in Pöyry’s Oxford office.

Organisations turn to Pöyry when they need to answer key strategic questions. We are often evaluating potential investments on the scale of billions of dollars. I feel a great responsibility to do the very best job I can for our clients in these situations. As well as a direct financial impact, the decisions we assist with have wider consequences on the cost and security of our society’s energy supply.

Pöyry has also given me the chance to live overseas. After spending seven great years in Oxford, my wife and I wanted an ‘overseas adventure’ before our kids were too old. The chance to move to Dubai came up and we jumped at it. We spend our weekends in the desert or by the pool while our friends back in Europe are battling with frost and snow.  Professionally, the experience of the Middle East has allowed me to witness a regional energy sector in a different phase of development from Europe. I have also had a greater chance to collaborate with my engineering colleagues. This experience has given me new perspectives and made me a better consultant as a result."