My Pöyry Story

'I get to enjoy collaboration in different forms'

Alex, Senior Process Engineer, Finland

What connects people at Pöyry is the shared passion for a job well done in serving our clients.

As a senior process engineer my typical day consists of engaging with both internal and external stakeholders, problem solving as well as planning. At Pöyry, our projects range from small to very large and complex assignments.  For me the especially interesting ones are large global investment projects. Our work is about finding the best new solutions for clients – covering both technical and economic aspects.

I have a degree in technology and economics. Continuously growing my knowledge is important to me and I enjoy the interesting challenges that my work offers – they develop me on both a personal and professional level.  Also our clients and partners present a great source of gaining new knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies and businesses as such.

What connects people at Pöyry is the shared passion for a job well done in serving our clients - the entrepreneurial spirit. We don't tend to see challenges as problems, rather as opportunities where we can succeed through a joint effort. I am passionate about getting people working well together, which makes Pöyry a very interesting working environment for me.

Lately I have been working on versatile liquefied natural gas (LNG) related projects. LNG is non-toxic and odourless and due to its lower emissions, it has gained lately market share as a fuel in energy production and transportation.

My private passion is sailing and The Baltic Sea is close to my heart.  Seeing the big ferries travelling between Finland and Sweden – some of them running on LNG, is also a reminder for me on how LNG can significantly contribute to a greener future for all of us also near the sea.