My Pöyry Story

'I get to enjoy various professional opportunities at Pöyry'

Peter, SVP, Global Sales and Project Management, Switzerland

Empowerment is what drives people and is the key factor for the motivation of our staff.

I joined Pöyry in 1997 when my former employer and Pöyry co-operated to perform the civil and structural design for the Hong Chong Cement Plant in Vietnam. This was a very exciting experience and I loved the perspective and wide range of fields in which Pöyry was active in and the professional opportunities which would come while working at Pöyry. When I now look back on these 19 years with Pöyry I can say that my expectations were exceeded.

My first task with Pöyry was to reorganise, together with our local president, our Philippine business and to transform it into an office focusing on Energy and Energy projects. After two years as a Managing Director of Pöyry Philippines, I was asked to lead Pöyry’s first Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project in Asia, the 110 MW gas fired Thai National Power combined cycle power plant project, as a project manager. 

In the following years I was assigned back to Manila as MD, then to Thailand to execute an EPC biomass power plant project, and then back to Philippines to do an EPC for an Ethanol Plant before finally moving back to Switzerland.

What has amazed me most in all of these years with Pöyry is the trust, responsibilities but also authorities which were given to me by my Superiors and Pöyry in executing these EPC projects. While of course we have our internal control mechanism in place for such projects, it is truly a good example of motivation, empowerment and collaboration within our organisation.