My Pöyry Story

'I get to see projects evolve'

Toby, Vice President, Global Sales and Project Management, Finland

The team work required and the timing of the effort is like a living performance

"I grew up in rural Australia and have a degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Melbourne. Within a few years of graduating my work took me to the other side of the world, first to London, and then to Finland. I have now been working with Pöyry for 10 years. As the company has grown, so has our project management expertise and the industries we provide services for.

I am working with Global Sales and Project Management and the work we do feels meaningful indeed – we are providing services to Clients such that their projects are delivered in accordance with their requirements and that in turn their customers will have access to a quality product - whether that be printing paper, electrical power, drinking water, or yoghurt!

I really love seeing projects grow from a concept into engineering documents into concrete, steel, machinery and equipment. The team work required and the timing of the effort is like a living performance. In addition there is always the anticipation of what and where the next project will be.

In terms of the “coolest” thing about working with Pöyry, aside from swimming in the frozen waters of the Finnish winter, for me it’s the travel that coincides with the project work. There has been the jungles of Indonesia traveling along rivers lined with elephants and monkeys, the mega cities of Sao Paulo, Manila, Shanghai and London, the remoteness of Russian Syktyvkar and Segezha, and a visit to Tasmania in Australia – close to home, just to name a few.

With an open mind and a professional attitude there are no limits to what you can achieve working with Pöyry – personally, for Pöyry, and for the community in which we work."