My Pöyry Story

'I help bring Pöyry’s expertise to new markets'

Patrick, Country Manager, Chile

I get to shape the future of a country’s energy mix.

I have a Master’s degree in civil engineering and joined Pöyry’s Hydropower team in Zurich in 2011. However, my journey with Pöyry began 5 years earlier, when in a previous job I had Pöyry working for me as a sub-consultant. It was then that I experienced Pöyry’s global expertise and wanted to be a part of that team.

Today, I am the Country Manager for Chile, in charge of the newly opened office in Santiago de Chile. As an expatriate, I get to bring Pöyry’s expertise into a new market with the added challenge that nearly all specialist expertise comes from our global network, which helps support a small, lean team that stays close to our clients in Chile and the different Pöyry offices.

With a main focus in Energy, my horizon of projects increased from Hydro to all kinds of power sources in which Pöyry has global expertise but I also represent Pöyry’s other business lines such as infrastructure and industry. This gives my team and I the opportunity to collaborate across units and interact with many other Pöyry experts, helping us become true intrapreneurs and learning every day. At the same time, we are able to shape the future of a country’s energy mix by bringing innovation from all over the world to Chile.