My Pöyry Story

‘I help our clients get ahead of the game'

Rob, Consultant, Italy

Here at Pöyry, good ideas seldom go unnoticed

"I joined Pöyry’s Oxford office after finishing my degree in Mathematics and Statistics. With my background in numbers I had always been fascinated with the concept of big data – taking a seemingly unending stream of information and transform it into meaningful insights about how people think and act. As it turns out, I’m not the only one! In an increasingly transparent and competitive world businesses are constantly seeking an edge, a way to gain an advantage through creative problem solving. For those of us here in management consulting, this presents exciting opportunities to help our clients get ahead of the game.

From modelling European electricity prices for our market reports in Oxford, I’m now enjoying a refreshing change of scenery working as a consultant in the Milan office as part of Pöyry’s ‘Global Citizen’ program. Being part of an international company means I work with a diverse range of people and can apply my expertise in many interesting places, ranging from statistics in Ireland, to strategy in Romania.

All of this made possible by someone’s good idea, and here at Pöyry, good ideas seldom go unnoticed. Indeed one of the highlights of my experience thus far has been the environment in which we work, whereby one person’s bright idea can spread and organically change the way people think. And that’s the thing about good ideas, once adopted you find yourself asking ‘why haven’t we be doing it like this all along?’."