My Pöyry Story

'Our unique projects help me to develop professionally'

Bruno, Consultant, Brazil

This exchange of information and experiences is unique to Pöyry.

"I am a forest engineer, graduated 6 years ago from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) with two MBA's: one in finance and controller by the Opet Educational Group; and another one in business management by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). In 2011, I joined Pöyry as an analyst and I am currently a business consultant, working with consulting projects focused on the forest-based market.

In consulting projects, our goal is to provide solutions for forest-based companies, helping to overcome clients´ challenges. 

All our projects are unique and contribute a lot to my professional development. One of the most interesting projects I have had the opportunity to work on was a world market study, which gave me the possibility to work with my international colleagues from Pöyry’s offices in Europe, North America and Asia. This exchange of information and experiences is unique to Pöyry and adds a lot client value in the consulting area. 

At Pöyry, I do not feel alone in searching for information for my projects. We work with a committed team and every employee has something to contribute, which strengthens us as individuals. The company also gives us the possibility to exchange information and knowledge. We are “the connected company”, which means that I have access to my colleagues and their knowledge on at least four continents where the company has specialized consultants. That's why we have been able to present unique solutions to customers. 

When you work with consulting you have challenges to solve and possibilities to grow professionally. It is this dynamics that attracts me and makes me happy to work here."