My Pöyry Story

'I appreciate the trust and confidence that Pöyry has given me'

Wilfred, Manager, Power Project Development and Consulting, Philippines

My being with Pöyry is completing the cycle of my career; a chance for me to give back and provide quality technical consulting.

"For almost three decades, I have been, in what you would say, in the other side of the equation. Fresh from college as a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, I first worked for large power generation and transmission companies from both the government and private sector. The longest was with a company that was then a monopoly but was a perfect workplace for gaining experience and training in anything and everything about the energy industry. I was like a dry sponge that was too hungry to absorb so I was taking every challenging assignment that came my way. I literally worked my way up, from being a cadet engineer to a control operator to a manager of power plants overseeing hundreds of people. By just the smell of my plants, I’d already know if something’s wrong.  

I have had the opportunity to be exposed to varied and rich facets of the industry and this molded me to become more of a generalist rather than a specialist.  This helped me immensely in quickly understanding how processes interrelate in this industry to be able to analyze and decide wisely.  This orientation allowed me to gain practical and actual experience on many of the issues and concerns that a power project might likely be subjected throughout its life cycle.

In 2012, I joined Pöyry Philippines. Having come from the generation side of the energy industry, technical consultancy then, was totally new to me. My boss knew this so I was made to work with the supervision from the senior expats in the office.  Turn of events led me to handle all the company's lender’s engineering assignments that time.  I will forever be grateful to Pöyry for entrusting me the responsibility and giving me the full accountability of completing all those assignments.  And I am elated that for the past five years, the office has gained satisfied and happy clients – mostly lending banks and project owners – who keep on asking what other services Pöyry has to offer.

The freedom and flexibility, the trust and confidence that Pöyry has given me in doing my job is something that I truly appreciate.  It’s a privilege and a responsibility at the same time; with me always being on my toes to live up to the trust that the company has graciously extended to me. I can only repay the gesture by delivering work that is nothing less than world class in keeping with Pöyry’s good global reputation.

I’ve done my rounds and I think I have proven my worth in the power generation arena. My being with Pöyry is completing the cycle of my career; a chance for me to give back and provide quality technical consulting.

Pöyry is a great place for me to be in at this point in my career. I’m ready for more – works that of higher value, more complex and even more challenging. I’m just waiting for the next train in this journey of my career – may it be in a new shape or size and to a new destination. "