Expert witness services

Pöyry regularly provides expert witness services to support our clients in contractual disputes, arbitration and legal proceedings – drawing on the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of our consultants inside and outside the court room.

We support our clients by writing clear, concise expert reports and providing testimony to tribunal hearings and court proceedings under different legal systems. Our expert witness work draws on the in-depth knowledge, rigorous analytical skill, extensive industry experience of our consultants, and substantial court room exposure. We utilise a fact-based approach, and always present our independent opinion.

In recent years, we have acted in dozens of cases in a wide range of geographies and jurisdictions including long-term gas contracts (pipeline and LNG, storage, transportation), electricity disputes involving short- and long-term contracts, thermal and renewable assets, traded certificates (e.g. renewables), investment disputes and anti-trust assessments. 

Additionally, Pöyry’s back catalogue of market reports provides a unique resource for illustrating historical investor and market perspectives in European energy markets over the last 20 years.

Typical services include:

  • Strength of case assessment
  • Assessment of changes in market circumstances (including foreseeability)
  • Assessment of changes in regulations
  • Analysis of market dominance
  • Estimation of damages
  • Economic expert reports
  • Technical expert reports
  • Economic expert testimony
  • Technical expert testimony

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