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The Norwegian energy sector is facing some familiar challenges from the energy transition – decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalization are drivers of change.

The global nature of markets means that technology development and global market dynamics that affect one region of the world quickly spread and the energy transition is as inevitable here as elsewhere in the world.  However, while the issues are global, local politics, preferences and resources are important, so the solutions applied to these challenges vary significantly across countries. 

Headquartered in Oslo, Pöyry’s MBG Energy team for Norway helps local and international utilities and investors understand the key local market dynamics and global drivers that impact their Norwegian business decisions.  Access to the expertise of the global Pöyry team enables our clients to gain a unique perspective into the energy transition here in Norway.

  • Local experts that have an in - depth understanding of Norway’s energy challenges
  • New services and products such as embedded innovation, innovation monitor, digital readiness, are in continuous development
  • Strategy development, implementation, organisational and operational excellence backed up by detailed in-house analysis and led by experts in the field
  • A deep quantitative and mathematical capability to tackle the challenges presented by big data and artificial intelligence
  • A suite of in-house energy models and our recognised independent market reports to support your transactions and fund raising

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