Technology Focus: Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Services and Use Cases

UAVs, or drones, have become Pöyry’s ‘eye in the sky’ in recent years. From surveying to 3D modelling and photogrammetry, drones have become a crucial part of our digital portfolio that directly benefits our clients’ projects.

Pöyry's use of drones for surveying and 3D modelling help address key challenges at the onset of and during client projects. For example, inaccessibility of project sites, security hazards or stringent entry requirements can all add significantly to the cost and time of project delivery.

Client Benefits

  • Accuracy. Delivers accurate base maps in a very short time and at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods.
  • Visibility and Efficiency. Drones support progress monitoring and thus contribute to an enhanced review process and better administration for all parties involved.
  • Speed. The safety and convenience that comes with using drones also leads to faster development time, significantly impacting the speed of project delivery

Pöyry Use Cases

Nowadays, drones are being used extensively across the Pöyry group to benefit clients, most particularly in Europe, Latin America and in Southeast Asia. For example, 

  • Pre-construction aerial shots in project sites. 
  • Safety in hazardous locations: a safety case has been completed for the use of UAVs on nuclear hazard sites.
  • Advanced surveying in underground facilities such as tunnels, shafts, storages and spaces.
  • Architects use drones for animating, video editing, simulating, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking and allows them to render and model complex scenes.
  • Hotspot detection in large scale PV plants for greater efficiency of maintenance.
  • Monitoring the status of blades in wind farm projects has a profoud effect on cost, speed and efficiency.

Next steps