Thermal Generation and District Heating

From fossil to nuclear to bio fuels, we cover all aspects of the production of power, heating and cooling. Power heating and cooling are key sectors for our society - from industry to households. Highly efficient and clean thermal generation will make it possible to cover our needs securely in the coming decades.

Liberalised energy markets, ever stricter regulations on emissions and the increasing share of renewables have imposed big challenges on fossil fuel generation during recent years. However, highly efficient fossil fuel generation can and will play an important role to fulfil the needs of our societies, especially when it comes to compensating for volatile generation from wind and solar. In addition, thermal renewables, either through conversion or new build, together with nuclear extensions and new build will have important roles to play.

Modern co-generation plants represent the most efficient technology to supply household and industry demands for heat, while providing security of supply, balancing energy and reserve capacities to power markets. Even though they play an important role in current and future energy systems, thermal generators are subject to the continuous pressure to modernise and further increase efficiency. 

Pöyry can assist you with deep technical and commercial expertise and profound insight into the regulatory aspects and market developments. We project commodity prices, improve O&M processes, bring Operational Excellence to your plants, review and design generation strategies, evaluate assets as well as whole portfolios, and much more. Our skill set comprises world-class consulting and engineering knowledge and methods, which enable us to understand your needs and requirements from both a technical and commercial perspective.

Key features and expertise:

  • Feasibility studies and investment strategies/reviews
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of thermal assets including district heating
  • Due Diligence services (technical, commercial, environmental, regulatory, market)
  • Operational Excellence to improve the performance (from “fuel to market”)
  • Portfolio strategies (entry, exit, portfolio optimisation)

Salzburg AG completed a great joint project with Pöyry, called "Masterplan DH-Generation 2020 - 2050", which developed an economic district heating production portfolio for 2020 to 2050, optimized as to investment and production costs and based on the district heating strategy of Salzburg AG, taking into account future energy market and technological developments as well as customer and sales market developments. The cooperation was excellent, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks once again. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Pöyry on its 60th anniversary.

Horst Ebner, Management Board, Salzburg AG

Over 60GW

The total capacity of thermal power projects Pöyry has delivered


Multi-stakeholder studies on thermal generation assets in the past 12 months