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Insights - the Pöyry Point of View

Staying on top of your game means keeping up with the latest thinking, trends and developments in your industry. At Pöyry, we encourage our global network of experts to actively contribute their points of view, generating fresh insight and challenging the status quo. These 'Pöyry Point of View' articles are our practical, issues-based approach to sharing our thinking.

 Browse our articles below, search for specific topics of importance to you, or if you have a topic you would like featured.

Fortum’s Energy Review: From national to regional grid planning

Utilising the versatility of hydrogen to fully decarbonise Europe

Moving towards better mine closure planning in the Nordic Region

The Life and Death Question of Forest Carbon

Webinar: Investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy sector

Putting the ‘electric’ in EV

GB load loss on 9 August 2019

Strategic open pit mine plan can unlock your mine´s hidden value – Optimization of an open pit mine can multiply mining related cash flow

China’s renewables policy: looking backwards to move forwards

Minimising Your Power Plant's Enviromental Foot Print

Assessing the potential value from Distribution System Operators

Hydrogen from natural gas – the key to deep decarbonisation

Extended 3D plant model and Virtual Reality revolutionise plant’s digital asset management

How falling technology costs and retail tariffs will shape the electricity system

European outlook on the recovered fiber market

Hydrogen by pipe: is it hype?

Understanding the fast-paced changes in the retail energy sector

Energy efficient biorefining reduces fossil fuel usage and increases yield

Pöyry Post Energy Spring 2019: Leading Change

How to manage the increased need for grid flexibility?

Blog: Microbes in the Baltic Sea can be utilised in decommissioned oil cave remediation

Digitalizing industrial safety towards ‘100% safe’ with Virtual Reality - How to make safety an embedded part of a company’s culture?

Living in interesting times: How China is speeding up fiber market transition

Optimal project implementation method secures a successful mining and metals investment

Blog: The Food & Beverage industry is facing increased flexibility and safety demands

Blog: A new way of utilising forest industry sludge may lead to decreased environmental footprint and increased profitability

Environmental impact assessment in the construction of a railway tunnel – gaining the social license to operate

How Nordic markets could reach their full potential

PPAs: on the rise

3D hydrodynamic modelling enables better decisions in water quality assessment

Infrastructure, EVs and opportunities

BLOG Decarb Diary #1: Cake, and how electricity demand could balance supply

Nordic winter conditions – special challenges in mining waste management

Pöyry supports domestic and international investors in realising projects in the Italian Market

Blog: A new way of thinking aims to reduce the environmental footprint of companies by increasing positive impacts

Reflections from Pöyry’s Energy Breakfast in Madrid

Q&A EV revolution creating collaboration opportunities for Pöyry

How will digitalisation boost forestry operations?

How future will reshape global pulp and recovered paper demand and supply

Environmental impact assessment in mining projects: integral part of risk management

Hoisting systems: poor investment or the future of mining?

New ThinkPiece Series: Electricity Market Design in China

Bio-packaging: Beyond plastics

Waste Incineration in Asia

Process simulation and modelling improves productivity and provides clients with added value

Fueling low carbon solutions: modern culture of innovation and intrapreneurship

Sustainable Smart Cities

Europe’s first ever Carbon Clash hosted by Pöyry

Sustainable Finnish forestry is not based on raking

Solving the digitalisation puzzle requires not only understanding application solutions, but good technology and process know-how

Blog: A new way to forecast log prices to enable better forest asset and industrial investment decisions

Blog: Timberland investors are facing unforeseen challenges in changing global markets

Pöyry Post Energy Winter 2018: Digitalisation Changes Everything

Blog: Recycled wood - waste or valuable raw material?

2018 marks 10 years delivering Solar Services worldwide

Climate change impacts: Being prepared for this new climate

Renewable Energy Myth vs. Fact Series

Renewable Energy Intermittency: Realistic Solutions for Asia

Renewable Portfolio Standards to come to the Philippines: Will they be effective at driving a new RE future?

Running on Empty: Implications of declining natural gas reserves and other key trends on Thailand’s energy future

Blog: Is distribution the main challenge for tissue e-commerce?

How is Ecommerce and digitalisation delivering ‘beyond-the-box’ packaging opportunities?

Digitalisation in the Energy Sector

Fully decarbonising Europe’s energy system by 2050

4 steps to improve safety of machinery and impact on occupational safety

Blockchain’s potential for managing the impact of renewables on the grid and peer to peer sales

Blog: Curing our plastic addiction - Substituting plastic with bio-based, bio-degradable solutions

Utlity-scale Solar+Storage in Southeast Asia

Pöyry Management Consulting releases their Spring 2018 edition of the Pöyry Post

Blog: Nature for Water - Sustainable Solutions for Renewable Desalination

Activities & Ambition in Advanced Biofuel and Bio-based chemical sectors

Are you on top of what Cyber Security in process industry means?

Blog: European containerboard and corrugated board market review 2017

Blog: What is our role in creating the demand for bio-products?

Blog: 2017 Review for the European Newsprint sector – focus UK

Blog: Global tissue consumption continues to grow - differences in the regional developments

Blog: A new way of thinking aims to reduce the environmental footprint of companies by increasing positive impacts

How to tackle the impact of high-power electric vehicle charging on the Swedish power grid

The impact of electric vehicles on the generation and distribution of electricity

Reflections on the #ENERGY4.0 conference – which digital business models will dominate the future of energy?

Solar in the Middle East – how to harness technological change to deliver low electricity costs?

The hidden value on pulp and paper operations – the difference between survival and failure?

Have we safeguarded our power grids?

Delivery Economy - Centre store on-line?

New packaging materials - the balancing act

Nordic market design forum - enhancing the world's first regional electricity market

Pöyry Post: Opening doors in the energy industry

Six challenges in upgrading Environmental and Social Impact Assessments to International Standards

GIS and Nuclear Hazard Management

We need to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy

Sustainability in Pulp and Paper Industry - Part 4

European Energy Markets: At The Vanguard Of Decentralised Energy Transition

Sustainability in Pulp and Paper Industry - Part 3

Iran Unchained: Untapped Potential in Forest Products Trade?

How is M&A activity shaping European tissue industry?

Sustainability in Pulp and Paper Industry - Part 2

Industrial safety leaves no room for compromise

Sustainability in Pulp and Paper Industry - Part 1

Blockchain in the energy industry - from disruption to new business models?

Nanocellulose: The next big thing in bioeconomy?

Pöyry Post: what is happening in the energy sector?

How competitive is solar PV in South-East Asia?

The case for investing in thermal power projects in Iran

Tall Oil: Unlocking opportunities for pulp mills in the bioeconomy

The hidden value of operational excellence in energy?

The Delivery Economy: When Boxes Fly

The Coal Conundrum

Safety applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Rise of the batteries just got faster…

Unlocking the benefits of forest carbon

Still a strong case for small scale LNG

The drive towards more efficient operations & designing for Energy Efficiency

What next for the paper industry? A recarbonisation revolution

Evolution in the North American tissue industry

Rise of the Batteries: Part 1 - Overview

Rise of the Batteries: Part 2 - Market Challenges

Rise of the Batteries: Part 3 - Technical Challenges

A country in transformation: three areas to reform the electricity sector of Saudi Arabia

The Recarbonisation Revolution

Video: USD 670 billion global packaging industry set for continued growth fuelled by innovation

Slowdown in China – a threat for Southeast Asian tissue markets?

How we can pay down the carbon debt and grow the forest industry

What pain relief can be given to declining paper markets?

Building the modern electricity network: regulation and innovation

Changing patterns in the global tissue market: private label versus brands

Hydropower 2.0 - a responsible business?

Supply and demand are changing the world of bio-based chemicals

Utility no more - how must energy companies adapt to survive?

Top Five Considerations for New Pulp Plants

The Death of ‘Invest and Forget’ - A brave new world for European renewables investors

Can technology model the future of Hydropower?

Reinventing Plantation Forestry

Demand Side Response - the myths and realities

Is the end in sight for renewable subsidies?

Business models for storage deployment in GB

The Ukraine Crisis - could gas supply disruption affect Europe?

Valuing Flexibility is at the Heart of a Successful Energy Transition

UK Shale Gas - where are we now?

The value of within-day flexibility in the GB electricity market

Pulp, Paper and Packaging: from local to global

Is Biocoal a bioenergy game changer?

From ambition to reality? Decarbonisation of the European electricity sector

Paper business in mature markets - is there hope?

Pulp market in transition

European Energy Markets: Price freeze, trust and political capital

Global Diet: a menu with radical business consequences

How can small-scale LNG help grow the European gas market?

Survival Innovation in the Wood Products Industry

Technology supply curves for low carbon generation

Recovered paper: The fibre solution under stress

How must plantation forestry change to survive?

Impact of EMR on interconnection

How will Lancashire shale gas impact the GB energy market?

How will intermittency change Europe’s gas markets?

Are you ready for the ‘Age of Confluence’?

Europe’s energy future: the shape of the beast

Liberalisation of the Estonian gas market

The challenges of intermittency in North West European power markets

Gas: At the centre of a low carbon future

Security of gas supply: European scenarios, policy drivers and impact on GB

Global gas & LNG markets and Great Britain’s security of supply

How wind generation could transform gas markets in GB and Ireland

Great Britain’s security of gas supply and options for improvement

Impact of intermittency on GB and Irish markets