Faces that make Pöyry Great - Alessio Giuffra's Story

'I can say to our younger colleagues that our company is an outstanding place to work'

All employees have the opportunity to grow, change position, take on responsibilities and work as an entrepreneur under an International Brand. The key to success is constantly challenging yourself by going outside your comfort zone: Think outside the Box!

I started my journey at Pöyry back in 2006 when the company decided to acquire a small Italian consulting firm. I have had the opportunity to grow during these years covering many different positions starting as a Project Engineer, a Project Manager, a Project Director and finally managing the Italian office of the Energy Sector, Pöyry Italy.

I can say to our younger colleagues that our company is an outstanding place where a mix of expertise, cultures, languages and ages are constantly in connection. This allows all of us to always keep our minds wide open and get the benefits from our different way of working by sharing new ideas and delivering smart and flexible solutions to our clients.

I would like to share with you one of my most challenging but at the same time satisfying experience in my job at Pöyry.

It was 2012 when Pöyry Italy won a public bid to provide owner’s engineering services in Montevideo, 570 MW Punta del Tigre Combined cycle power plant.

I had the opportunity to manage the opening of a new branch from scratch (2014) in a very far country from Italy and Europe with a different approach from our way of working and managing activities.

I went to Montevideo for the first time in 2014 to discuss issues related to our colleagues that would have been expatriated and the time-schedule for the project’s execution. I started speaking English but, after half an hour, the Client told me to speak Italian or  Spanish but preferably not English. I was surprised but I switched to Italian. My impression was that the majority of the information was not correctly addressed. When I came back to Italy I decided to learn Spanish in order to discuss contractual issues more effectively and manage the contract directly using the local language.

After three months, I went back to Montevideo and had a meeting in Spanish. The Client really appreciated that and showed their satisfaction. This situation created a very trusting relationship that led the original plan to have our experts on site for 3 months, to stay there and support them for up to around 5 years.

One of my best experiences in terms of a trusting environment, Client Management and Variation Order.

I owe this great success to all my team (expatriates and locals) that made this project possible contributing with their professionalism and expertise to the client’s satisfaction.

It is really inspiring working at such a motivating company where you are continuously stimulated to create new ideas and solutions. You can feel that you tangibly contribute to the diversification of the energy sources of a country thanks to the professional work of many Pöyry experts and this makes me very proud to be part of this company.