'I get to contribute by finding the best substitutes and new developments' #PlasticsToBio

Munira Khamitova, Concept Development Team, Finland

I get to apply machine learning and data science to help solve the plastics problem

Hi! I’m Munira Khamitova from Russia.

My field of expertise is machine learning and data science - so that make me ‘half programmer, half mathematician’.

I joined Pöyry in 2017 and what motivated me to choose this company was the different sectors that Pöyry covers. Specifically, meaning the wide variety of data that I would get to apply many different types of analysis and algorithms. Every project is different, which means that I get to work with many different tasks with no repetition or boring work.

For plastic substitution, careful analysis is needed. You cannot substitute all kind of plastics just with one material. It requires different kinds of materials with different properties. So, our objective is to find a suitable match between different plastics end uses and fiber-based materials, bioplastics or recycled plastics. This demands sophisticated mathematical analysis. In some cases, the required substitute does not exist and would need to be created. Through our mathematical analysis, our experts are helping companies to direct their R&D to fill that gap and this makes me proud to be Pöyry.

Many brands have already taken a decision to reduce the use of plastics.  And Pöyry is enabling companies to act more responsibly by helping them to move to eco-friendly materials. And  if there is a premium to pay, then we should also as consumers do our bit.

This works like a positive loop. People discuss reducing the use of plastics to improve life. Companies follow and take concrete steps of their own. Then, people are encouraged by this to make further choices – a friendly competition follows and nature wins. However, it is not possible to reduce plastic easily. The good thing is that we as Pöyry gets to contribute by finding the best substitutes and new developments. Another loop follows: one company announces a campaign or promise around plastic substitution with the proper bio-based equivalents. Other companies follow, and more people will think about cutting down on plastic use – which encourages new companies to act. My advice: Do you want to be fashionable? Reduce plastic use!