Pöyry e-DAP

Pöyry’s Engineering Data Analytics Platform (e-DAP)

Pöyry e-DAP (short for engineering Data Analytics Platform) is a data archival and analysis tool that uses advanced digital techniques for data analysis and visualization, combined with high-end mathematical models for predictive modelling. e-DAP can model the most important features of energy and industry markets, and helps optimize industrial processes and production.

e-DAP as a business enabler

Our team can help you unlock your business related to data, in the two major trends that are market analysis and operational excellence. Indeed, while market analysts push towards transforming the data into assets, industrial operators are looking to use data to help optimize the production processes, increasing efficiency at reduced and manageable costs. Without advanced analysis and prediction  tools, existing data sources alone will not be sufficient to help infer the right trends. e-DAP achieves this goal.

e-DAP as an E-dashboard

Pöyry’s e-DAP helps market analysts use an integrated and unified E-dashboard that can analyze, treat, cross-correlate and model the impact and evolution of collected data. In parallel, the platform supports operators of industrial plants to enable data analysis, operation optimization and production prediction. The tool can be used for various plants such as chemicals, energy, waste-water, pulp & paper, hydropower and so on. Operators can access the platform online and infer the critical measures using their own input data.

e-DAP as a support for synthetic flow solutions

CAE helped several industries cross the frontier of trial-and-error towards physics-based simulation engineering. But the business model centered exclusively around base cases with additional operational conditions. Pöyry’s e-DAP helps build synthetic data bases using CFD simulation to cover the widest operational regime-map possible. Instead of delivering reports of base-case and specific variations scenarios, it provides an instantly-accessible data basis covering a wide spectrum of operational conditions. CFD simulations of fluid flow and thermal processes in the plant are first simulated for selected operations, then predictive modelling is performed to create ‘digital twin’ results to enrich the operation data basis of the plant. 

Key features

  • Integrated & unified Architecture: easily import a range of data types; visualize at a glance all of the important data analysis trends in a graphical format; save for future use i.e. reporting;
  • Versatile: e-DAP models a range of scenarios from the algorithms needed to cross-correlate water resources and urban population concentration data bases to the building of CFD-digital Twin data basis of fire propagation in a tunnel, for example;
  • Interactive:  e-DAP helps make your analyses evolve and repeateble, and identify more usable information through interactive analytics;

Our offering

  • Licensing of e-DAP: e-DAP can be licensed under an annual lease scheme and available in both desktop and cloud-based versions;
  • Servicing using e-DAP: Our team of experts will be happy to make their expertise available and combine it with e-DAP to support you serve their clients;
  • Tailor-made platform: Together with our clients, we can customize the platform and make sure that it fits their specific needs and requirements.

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