Pegasus3: Pöyry’s Gas Market Model

Pegasus3 is Pöyry’s proprietary gas market model, used to simulate supply availability, pipeline, storage utilization and LNG capacities taking into account associated gas contracts. The model provides all European, most global and national gas supply demand balance.

Pegasus3 is used by Pöyry to underpin gas market analysis in our reports, market studies and consultancy assignments. The model outputs gas prices and flows throughout Europe which have taken full account of both oil-indexed long term gas contracts and marginal cost supplies.

Pegasus3 is provided with a full European-focussed global data set which includes pipelines, storage facilities, LNG and regasification infrastructure, demand projections, and gas demand for power generation, as well as global LNG supply capacity, pipeline supplies to Europe and our view on unconventional gas growth. 

Key features

  • Sophisticated modelling of the gas flows capturing all of the Europe’s infrastructure and most of the global infrastructure based on minimum cost optimisation
  • Detailed modelling of the storage facilities, daily resolution of the prices and flows
  • Option to input proprietary information to develop scenarios
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface, requiring minimal training to use providing user with the capability to bulk data editing.
  • Model is scalable, adaptable and transparent

The model is available to purchase by clients to use at their premises. Pegasus3 is supplied with an intensive training programme with a view to ensuring that clients can adapt it to their needs and extract maximum value from it.  This includes an exploration of the underlying dataset – the capacities, costs, and contracts of the model, as well as all underlying assumptions and modelling parameters – delivered and supported by Pöyry’s market modelling experts.

To arrange a demonstration or for further information, please contact Angus Paxton, on +44 1865 812263 or email:  .