Pöyry Digital Readiness Service

Digital Readiness in the Energy Sector: accelerate your interactions and increase customer satisfaction

Digitalisation is a game-changing topic across all industries. Many companies have already started ambitious initiatives to improve their digital business. Is your company ‘digital ready’?

Disruptive changes to the Energy industry require companies to take a closer look at how digitalisation is handled within and outside the organisation.

Client issues

  • How can my company unlock the benefits of digitalisation with innovative ideas and accelerate day-to-day interactions?
  • How do we increase customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage through digitalisation?

Trusted Partner

Clients trust Pöyry to help solve these issues. Pöyry is supporting businesses to overcome these issues by taking a structured 5 Step ’Digital Readiness’ blueprint, as follows:

Pöyry 'Digital Readiness' Service

Pöyry has significant experience in guiding utilities through these crucial phases of digital transformation. Our approach aims to achieve quick and effective progress with your day-to-day interactions and unlock innovative ideas.

  1. Innovation Strategy: Develop the most suitable strategy for how to promote new ideas throughout the entire enterprise, improve efficiency and the pace of innovation. This includes both process and business model innovation.
  2. Digitalisation of Customer Processes: Utilities often lack the coordinated drive to effectively initiate, prioritise and schedule digitalisation measures. The development of a clear road map will support the progress.
  3. Strategic Data Management: Considering information as a strategic asset enables companies to unlock commercial opportunities. Pöyry supports clients in the identification and evaluation process, comparing data management alternatives and assessing their feasibility.
  4. Customer Analytics: Customer data has huge potential, but apart from basic data, often there is very little information available. However, data collection and management can be improved significantly. Modern analytics tools can help utilities reveal this potential and better understand the needs of their customers.
  5. Digital Marketing & Sales: Pöyry offers a broad spectrum of services targeted to improve your marketing and sales performance, including launch strategies for websites and mobile apps.

Key benefits

  • Structured and transparent innovation management
  • Clear picture of the digitalisation level and potential improvement
  • Improved sales success, due to better understanding of customer requirements, and dynamic segmented sales and marketing activities
  • Cost savings through the optimisation of processes Improved customer satisfaction

Next steps

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