Touching Everyday Lives – Auriga Business Center, Turku, Finland

25,000 m2 of history, beautifully transformed, Aurgia Business Center, Turku

Turku, Finland

Project facts

Client: Åbo Akademi University Foundation

Type: Real estate development

Country: Finland

Innovative design for inspirational business...

In the early 21st century, the Castle Estate in Turku’s port area, was derelict and underused. Now, under the ownership of Åbo Akademi University, this historical property has been given a new lease of life as the Auriga Business Center.

For decades, the Castle Estate, situated in Turku’s port area, acted mostly as a production and storage facility, and even as a huge cold and frozen storage facility. The use of the facility was inefficient, and the building’s repair debt had become considerable. The owner, the town of Turku, had even considered the liquidation of this property. However, it was decided that it would be preferable to give it a new life, as a part of the development plan for the port area, so the town contacted Pöyry Real Estate Development.

The property development was managed by a very tight design and execution schedule, and continually sought solutions that were universally applicable. One of the biggest challenges came from creating a contemporary building service technology in an old structure. During construction, several large structural changes were made to the property, including a new facade, a light gap (four storeys high), and a glass-roofed inner courtyard, replacing a previous roof. 

Turku’s Auriga Business Center is now a modern and versatile business centre, Auriga is full of star quality premises. Åbo Akademi University Foundation is also pleased.

The end result clearly exceeded our expectations. The commitment and highly functioning co-operation between the parties, as well as the exemplary way in which the key people managed the project, guaranteed a successful and practical end result, regardless of the challenges - Real Estate Manager from Åbo Akademi University Foundation