Touching Everyday Lives – Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

57km long Gotthard Base Tunnel opened for rail traffic in 2016, AlpTransit, Switzerland


Project facts

Client: AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd

Country: Switzerland

Length: 57 km

Schedule: Opened on 1 June 2016 with full service to begin in December 2016

Realising a masterpiece of engineering

The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland is the world’s longest railway tunnel and will increase transport capacity from Italy to Germany. Pöyry’s work is at the heart of the tunnel, in the technically challenging Sedrun section.

Work on the Gotthard Base Tunnel stretches across more than two decades. Pöyry has been with the project from its inception. Working on the midsection of the tunnel, in the heart of the tunnel, required extensive collaboration between the Pöyry team and the client and other consortium members. Communication and project management to coordinate complex work streams was critical.

According to Hartmuth Höfle, Project manager of Alptransit Gotthard AG:

What distinguishes Pöyry is the fact that they have the technical expertise in terms of tunnelling along with their experience in the mining industry. It’s a skill set that‘s not easy to find. But along with that, they possess a strong understanding of the local conditions involved with the tunnel. It proved to be a compelling combination.