Touching Everyday Lives – Vodokanal, St. Petersburg, Russia

98% of St. Petersburg's waste water expertly treated by Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Project facts

Client: Vodokanal of St. Petersburg

Location: St.Petersburg, Russia

Type: Wastewater treatment project

Capacity: 98.4 % of the wastewater of St. Petersburg treated

Keeping the Baltic Sea clean and healthy...

Pollution into the Baltic Sea has increased sharply over the last hundred years, due to wastewater discharges from agriculture, fast growing cities and industry. The situation has been deteriorated by the comparatively small flow of water in and out of the Baltic Sea.

For decades St. Petersburg was one of the main pollution sources in the Baltic Sea area. Today, wastewater treatment in St. Petersburg meets the European standards, thanks to the comprehensive investment programs.

The priority investment program for wastewater treatment was developed in 2005-2006 by Pöyry. The aim of the program was to find out solutions to pollution problems. As the result of the priority investment program two investment programs were developed. The first program, which is called as the Neva Direct Discharges Closure Program, includes finalisation of the Northern sewage tunnel, construction of a large tunnel pumping station and renovation of the Northern wastewater treatment plant.  The second investment program aims to reduce the nutrient load from suburban wastewater treatment plants.

“We have succeeded, in close companionship with Pöyry, to develop investment programs to finance projects and to execute them with international funding” says Felix Karmazinov, Director General of Vodokanal of St. Petersburg.