M improvement to AlPac pulp mill achieve

$ 9M improvement to AlPac pulp mill achieved


Project facts

Client: Alberta Pacific Pulp, Canada

Services: Operational Excellance

The leadership team at Alberta Pacific’s (Alpac) pulp mill was looking for a means to audit and improve their business systems.

After a recent woodroom modernization and a number of senior people in new positions, the timing for change was right.  Pöyry Management Consulting was contracted based on their global experience and an approach that aligned well with Alpac’s self-managed team system, allowing the Pöyry team to act as part of the Alpac team during the improvement period.

Working on-site with the AlPac team, we aided in improving accountability across the pulpmill. New tools were implemented along with the identification of, and reinforcement of best in class practices that gave AlPac the ability to drive sustainable performance improvement.  A $ 9M improvement to bottom line results came from better integration between maintenance and operations and a consistent approach to managing performance across the entire mill.  The return on AlPac’s project investment was achieved without any changes to their capital expenditures.