Alholmens Kraft Biofuel-fired Power Plant, Pietarsaari, Finland

Alholmens Kraft Biofuel-fired Power Plant, Pietarsaari, Finland

Pietarsaari, Finland

Project facts

Project Type: Biofuel-fired extraction condensing power plant

Client: Oy Alholmens Kraft Ab

Electric output: 240 MW

Strean output: 100 MW

District heat output: 60 MW

Commissioning year: 2001

The Alholmens Kraft power plant is a 240 MW biofuel-fired extraction condensing power plant, which produces about 100 MWth of process steam to the UPM-Kymmene Pietarsaari mills and about 60 MWth of district heating to UPM-Kymmene Pietarsaari mills and the town of Pietarsaari.

The boiler is a circulating fluidized bed boiler with natural circulation and reheating. The boiler is designed to generate 194 kg/s of steam,
at 165 bar(a) and 545°C, and reheated steam at 37 bar(a) and 545°C with bark, sawdust, wood waste, commercial biofuel and peat (coal firing option exists). The boiler can burn minor amounts of RDF as well. Heavy fuel oil is used during start-ups as an auxiliary fuel.

The steam turbine is a three-casing extraction condensing turbine with district heating and process steam supply. The condenser is cooled with seawater. The design of the turbine and condenser also allows operation in pure condensing mode without heat extractions.

Pöyry's services included:

  • Project development

  • Pre-engineering

  • Basic design

Additional services

  • expediting audit of the steam turbine plant delivery

  • supervision of the detailed design of the steam turbine plant

  • performance guarantee tests