Touching Everyday Lives – Turku Region Water Ltd, Finland

Clean water for 300,000 people guaranteed, Turku Region Water, Finland

Turku, Finland

Project facts

Client: Turku Region Water Ltd

Type: Water

Country: Finland

Refreshing a region all year round...

Turku Region Water Ltd, the regional water works, provides clean water for the 300,000 inhabitants and industries of the city of Turku and its neighbouring municipalities. The main problem of the water supply in the Turku region has been the low quality of the raw water from the river Aura. In the dry season, the availability of water is also a problem. 

Turku Region Water Ltd started searching for a suitable water supply that would help solve these issues.  The only body of water in Southwest Finland that met their requirements was the River Kokemäenjoki, around 100 km away from Turku.  Pöyry was recruited as the main consultant in the design of a unique artificial ground water infiltration system that would effectively bring this water to the area and improve the water supply.

The production capacity of the new system is 75,000 and the transfer capacity 125,000 cubic metres of fresh water a day, enough for 1,000,000 bath tubs.

According to Aki Artimo, Managing Director of Turku Region Water Ltd:

The system is exceptional because of its scale. The high amount of throughput of water the system transfers, but also the total 100 km long pipelines make this solution out of the ordinary.

The new system means that the quality of the artificial ground water provided to Turku is the same as that of real ground water. This quality remains consistent throughout the year.