Cologne - Frankfurt High Speed Railway Line, Germany

Cologne - Frankfurt High Speed Railway Line, Germany


Project facts

Project Type: High speed rail link, 219 km

Client: Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways)

Project Period: 1991 - 2002

Services: Construction supervision, overall planning and design

The High Speed Railway (HSR) between Cologne and Frankfurt plays an important role in the European railway network, connecting the Cologne area to those of Rhine - Main around Frankfurt.

To minimise the environmental impact, the new double track HSR route closely follows the existing Motorway A3 alignment. Due to the steep gradients and sharp curves, the railway route where travel speed may rise up to 300 km/h is principally intended for high speed passenger traffic.

Including the branches to Wiesbaden and to the airport of Cologne/Bonn, the railway line has a length of about 219 km. For maintenance reasons and more comfortable travelling, a non-ballasted slab track was installed on the new part of the line.

Pöyry was responsible for the overall planning and design of two route sections, totalling 42 km in length including railway and structural design, environmental impact study (EIA) and landscape planning as well as surveying. The two sections contain six tunnels, six viaducts, 33 rail and road bridges and a new rail station.

Pöyry was also involved in the 45 km long middle section, being responsible for construction management, supervision and design check for the railway, bridges and tunnels, all earthworks as well as supervision for surveying and environmental works. The construction lot included 11 tunnels, six viaducts, 62 bridges and retaining walls and two new rail stations.