Customer and network management system, Haiphong, Vietnam

Customer and network management system, Haiphong, Vietnam

Haiphong City, Vietnam

Pöyry has implemented a GIS based Customer and Network Management System (CNMS) for the water company of Haiphong City - a city of 500,000 inhabitants.

CNMS is an information system for management of water supply network and consumer information. It manages information of water pipes, network devices (valves, pumps, hydrants, meters etc.) and their related information (leaks, maintenance) as well as data of house connections. Through house connections CNMS manages also information of customers, consumption and billing.

CNMS is tightly integrated into the company's new Billing and Receivables System. This enables analyses of consumption, customer and billing information using the GIS interface. Pöyry Environment Oy has done the system design together with key persons of the water company and implemented the system with the help of a local subcontractor.

The system is used by five departments of the Haiphong Water Supply Company. Ten users have been given thorough ArcView GIS training and a special course in using CNMS.

In the year 2000 there were about 100,000 metered consumer connections in Haiphong.