Touching Everyday Lives – Suzano Pulp Mill Imperatriz, Brazil

Cutting-edge technology in the new large-scale single-line pulp mill, Suzano Papel e Celulose, Imperatriz, Brazil

Imperatriz, Brazil

Project facts

Client name: Suzano

Country: Brazil

Raw material: Planted eucalyptus

Production capacity: 1,5 M t/a

Making ecology part of the story ...

Suzano Pulp and Paper plant in Imperatriz creates a new pulp hub in Brazil and changes the region’s industrial and economic reality. Pöyry was a part of all stages of the project, from conception to  start-up.

The Imperatriz Facility started operating in December 2013. In the second half of February 2014, the first shipment, carrying 11,900 tons of pulp, departed for the United States. The factory has the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of pulp for export and caters to the North American, European and Asian markets. It is also self-sufficient in power generation, generating a surplus of  70 MW.

In works as large and complex as this, coordination and collaboration of the professionals involved are essential gears for success. In this regard, there was great integration between companies involved in the project to put planned actions into practice.