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Delivering innovative steel products since 1962, SSAB Raahe site, Finland

Raahe, Finland

Project facts

Client: SSAB

Country: Finland

Key projects: PCI project 2014–2015 (pre-planning 2010-2013); Secondary dedusting system of steel plant 2012- 2013; Modernisation of blast furnaces 1 & 2; Direct granulating plants for blast furnaces 1 and 2, 2008–2010

Services: Structural design; Geotechnical design; Plant design; Piping design; Building services engineering; Project management

Achieving the best results with a long lasting partnership ...

SSAB is a globally significant steel manufacturer.  Global changes in the steel market and rapid technological development within the field have set challenges for their business operations and production.  The Raahe steel mill in Finland has seen constant developments in order to maintain competitive and profitable production, which have been supported by Several decades of close partnership between SSAB and Pöyry.

By working closely together, SSAB and Pöyry have been able to deliver quick, flexible and reliable design processes to make sure that the mill adapts to an ever changing business enivronment. From structural design to building engineering, the teams consistently collaborate so that Pöyry's diverse expertise is used fully for the benefit of the customer. This happened again in spring 2014, with a massive PCI project to modernise blast furnaces began in Raahe to replace the previous oil injection with pulverized coal injection. 

For us, our long-term cooperation signifies a trustworthy partnership where we together develop operating methods and solutions that support our business operations. This has produced good business results in all phases. Pöyry has proven that it has an excellent understanding of our business field. Over the years, Pöyry has become an important and trusted partner - Ville Lahtinen, design manager at SSAB