Touching Everyday Lives – Deriner Dam, Turkey

Deriner Dam - providing energy for more than 750,000 people annually, Devlet Su İşleri (DSI), Turkey


Project facts

Client: The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI)

Type: Double Curvature Arch Dam

Country: Turkey

Providing sustainable energy for decades...

The General  Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) in Turkey has a mission: “to develop all water and land resources in Turkey… wisely using natural resources.” In 1969, a survey of the Coruh River was carried out and the construction of the Deriner Project commenced almost three decades later. In 1987, DSI awarded Pöyry as a key partner for the project based on their ability to handle the complexities and scale involved with the dam.

The full scope of the project included construction of a double curvature arch dam, diversion tunnel, underground powerhouse, two completely separate spillway concepts and infrastructure including access roads. Construction began in 1998 and held a number of challenges: The site was situated in a remote, mountainous region. Pöyry’s work at Deriner Dam required a high-level of partnership: with DSI and a number of other firms that formed the contractor’s consortium.  A clear governance model enabled seamless collaboration and project transparency between the client, Pöyry and our consortium partner, Dolsar Engineering Inc Co.

The reservoir was filled in February 2012 and the power station was completed in February 2013. The benefits of the Deriner Dam to the country of Turkey: There is now an additional 2,118 GWh of electrical energy available annually. The installed capacity of 670 MW is enough to continuously power the equivalent of 670,000 standard 1kw heaters, or more than 60 million high-efficiency light bulbs. The authorities are better-equipped to manage flood and sedimentation in the Coruh Valley. And, thanks to a recommendation by Pöyry to reduce the cementitious content in the dam concrete, many millions of dollars could be saved by the client.