Dynamic traffic and parking guidance system at Hamburg airport, Germany

Dynamic traffic and parking guidance system at Hamburg airport, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Project facts

Project Type: Parking guidance system

Client: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH

Project Period: 2001 - 2008

Services: Traffic information system, planning and supervision

Increasing traffic as well as new developments such as the Terminal 2, the extension of parking facilities and the realisation of a municipal railway connection resulted in a diminshing availability of free space at Hamburg Airport.

In order to better meet the requirements concerning convenience and service, Hamburg Airport took into use a dynamic traffic and parking guidance system. The system was designed to reduce traffic during peak hours caused by cars seeking for parking and to use the existing parking spaces efficiently as well as to relieve the surrounding traffic network and specific junctions. The system comprises eight parking facilities, 67 signpost locations and 81 variable message signs.

Pöyry carried out preliminary planning, blueprint planning and implementation planning of the project. In addition, Pöyry was responsible of compilation of tender documents, building inspection and project monitoring. The communication between the parking guidance computer and the dynamic table signposts was realised via radio data transmission. The selected independent transmission procedure is characterised by extremely low operating costs.