Tracegrow, engineering services

Engineering service partner for Tracegrow's clean technology

Tampere, Finland

Project facts

Project type: Engineering service partner

Client: Tracegrow Oy

Project schedule: 2018-2019

A Finnish cleantech company Tracegrow has selected Pöyry as its partner for delivering project and engineering services around Tracegrow's novel clean technology. The objective of the co-operation is to develop Tracegrow's modular technology and plant concept for global deliveries. Pöyry's services include engineering, project management, procurement and construction management services for the modularised production plants.

Tracegrow is a Finnish cleantech company operating in the circular economy. It is the only company in the world that has developed an innovative technology to extract, purify and reuse the vital trace elements Zinc and Manganese from alkaline batteries and circulate them safely back to nature as the world's most ecological micronutrient products for farming. The end product is 100% natural, premium level Zinc and Manganese-based micronutrient product. Tracegrow's offering is two-fold including both the end-product sales and the turnkey production plant deliveries. The company's first production plant was successfully started in Kärsämäki, Finland in June 2018.

"Pöyry is proud to be selected as Tracegrow's partner to develop this circular economy concept towards a cleaner future. Megatrends are creating many initiatives and it is important to get these achievements commercialised. We are confident that we are able to support Tracegrow in the development of modularised plant concepts to be delivered globally where our local presence can create additional value in the implementation phase of the projects", says Tuukka Sormunen, Head of Chemicals Competence Line, Industry Business Group, Pöyry.