Finnpulp, basic engineering, Finland

Engineering services for the bioproduction mill in Kuopio, Finland

Kuopio, Finland

Project facts

Client: Finnpulp Oy

Project type: New bioproduction mill

Annual capacity: 1.2 million tons

Project schedule: 2018-2019

Finnpulp Oy has awarded Pöyry with the engineering services assignment for its bioproducts mill project in Kuopio, Finland. The assignment includes all engineering disciplines, project services and procurement support.

One key factor in the decision-making was Pöyry’s strong, 60 years of experience in thousands of forest- and paper industry projects. This was significant because all basic engineering will be accomplished with the partner company with very limited basic engineering resources delivered by Finnpulp. The environmental impact assessment was also made together with Pöyry, and it gives excellent knowledge of the bioproduction mill and its environmental requirements.

Finnpulp is planning to build the world's largest softwood pulp mill in Kuopio, Finland. The annual pulp production capacity of the bioproduction mill is 1.2 million tons and the total amount of the investment is 1.4 billion euros.

The new Finnpulp mill will be the most efficient and ecologically sound pulp mill in the industry. In addition to pulp production, the modern technology will enable versatile bioproduction. Thus, the mill is going to be a significant producer of biochemicals and bioelectricity. This phase, which has now been started, will last to the first quartal of 2019 and after that Finnpulp will have binding offers of bioproduction mill’s main machinery, which allows making the final construction decision.

"Pöyry is proud to be the trusted partner of Finnpulp and to be able to support them in the development of the biggest ever industrial project in Finland. Close partnership will ensure the best project implementation and reaching of efficiency and environmental targets. During the project we will pay extra attention to Health, Safety and Environment related aspects. With our knowledge and network we can ensure that in the end we have a truly Smart Site", says Nicholas Oksanen, President, Industry Business Group, Pöyry.