Environmental issues and EDD, Finland

Environmental issues and EDD, Finland


Pre-assessment of environmental issues of 1600 real estates and environmental due diligence of about 1000 real estates, Finland

The Finnish real estate investment company Kapiteeli Plc. contracted Pöyry in 2004 to screen the environmental risks, liabilities and non-compliance issues of the portfolio of 1600 real estates located all over the Finland. The purpose was to improve the awareness and to provide tools for risk management.

Prior to the transaction where the Kapiteeli was consolidated into Sponda Plc in 2006, Pöyry Environment Oy conducted the vendor's environmental due diligence of the partly same portfolio with now about 1000 real estates. The assignment was tailored to meet the client's high standards and at the same time to meet tight required schedule. In addition to the survey of various internal and public databases and existing surveys for all the sites, using the developed EnRiSc© methodology, more than 100 environmental audits and more than 50 intrusive soil and groundwater contamination investigations were conducted at potential identified risk sites only in a few months of a period.