E.ON builds a new CFB Boiler in Norrköping, Sweden

E.ON builds a new CFB Boiler in Norrköping, Sweden

Norrköping, Sweden

Project facts

Fuel: Waste from households and industries that has been crushed to fractions less than 100*100*100

Lower Heating Value: Range between 10 to 16 MJ/kg. Design Heating Value 12.6 MJ/kg

Combustion technique : CFB

Steam operation data: 65 bar, 470o C

Condensate return: 70-120o C

Boiler capacity: 75-90 MW

Output range: 80% - 110%

Yearly hourly operation: 8000

Total investment: SEK 1.2 billion


E.ON Värme Sverige intends to construct a new boiler at Händelöverket in Norrköping, Sweden.

Preliminary calculations for the project are based on on-going projects in conjunction with longstanding experience. These calculations indicate that there is an economic incentive to realise the investment in a new incineration boiler named P15.

E.ON has agreed to supply industrial steam to Agroetanol AB to help the company expand its production of ethanol. The extended deliveries of industrial steam serve as the basis for the enlarged incineration in Norrköping.

An existing incineration boiler named P14 has a capacity of 75 megawatts based on the CFB technique. It was built in 2002 and has operated with good results. The positive experiences from P14 now encourage E.ON to undertake a new boiler with similar technique and steam data.

Incentives for power generation are enhanced by the increased price for electricity. As a result, a back pressure steam turbine will be placed near boiler P15. The steam turbine will be supplied with steam from the existing P14 as well as from the new P15. New flue gas condensation equipment will also be installed for both boiler P14 and P15.

Pöyry is providing project management for electrical and automation phases of the project. It is also providing detail engineering for the balance of plant and waste preparation.