Fintra office premises, (Bolero Business Park), Finland

Fintra office premises, (Bolero Business Park), Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Project facts

Client: Fintra

Area: 1 027 m²

Services: Workplace transformation; Interior design

Fintra decided to move into new premises which initiated the development project. Desire to move into an open-plan office required a thorough investigation of needs. A seating plan was carried out according to the network analysis. In addition to the open-plan office, some other functions were also applied. Such as meeting rooms, interaction areas, rooms for training, and quiet rooms for tasks that require deep concentration.

Fintra trains companies to succeed in international markets. Hence, the customer wanted the interiors to be stimulating and interesting. This led to the selection of fresh and vibrant colours. The interiors support the corporate image. Brand elements were added by applying some images of Fintra's marketing material to some of the panel curtains.