Glendoe Hydro Electric Scheme, Great Britain

Glendoe Hydro Electric Scheme, Great Britain

Fort Augustus, United Kingdom

Project facts

Project Type: High-head power plant

Installed Capacity: 100 MW

Commissioning date: 2008

The Glendoe hydro-electric facility is located in the Monadhliath Mountains, near the south-west portion of Loch Ness, close to Fort Augustus. The reservoir, which is impounded by a concrete faced-rock fill dam, is at elevation 630 masl when completely full. The net head of the scheme is 605 metres, which is the highest head of any UK hydro scheme.

A 6.2 kilometre-long headrace tunnel leads from the reservoir to a cavern powerhouse. The 1.8 kilometre long tailrace tunnel discharges into Loch Ness. The natural catchment of the reservoir is restricted to 15 km2. An additional catchment of 68 km2 is obtained by diverting water from other basins into an aqueduct system comprising 19 intakes, an aqueduct pipeline and an aqueduct tunnel. The cavern powerhouse will be located around 250 metres below ground level. The powerhouse will incorporate a single 100 MW Pelton turbine with six jet nozzles. The average annual output is estimated at 180 GWh.