GYGIS - Digital City GIS for the City of Guiyang, China

GYGIS - Digital City GIS for the City of Guiyang, China

City of Guiyang, China

Project facts

Project Type: GIS System development

Project Period: 2005 - 2007

Client: City of Guiyang, China

Pöyry has developed a Geographic Information System for Guiyang, a city of 3.5 million inhabitants. The system has been built according to the Chinese Digital City and eGovernment concepts and standards. Pöyry Environment has done the system design and implementation of the system as a turn-key solution for the city. The acronym used for Guiyang GIS is GYGIS.

Most large Chinese cities have adopted the Digital City and eGovernment concepts and follow the highly developed national standards in building comprehensive GIS based information systems to provide services for the citizens.

The project scope includes system design (from feasibility study to detailed design) and implementation. The project is divided into eight work packages.

The first two work packages design and build a GIS Centre (room facilities, air condition, UPS, data network etc.) and a GIS platform including servers, workstations, DBMS, geodatabase and utilities for maintenance of GIS data, data exchange, metadata management history archiving etc.

The GIS platform work includes conversion of existing 1:2000 base map data, survey of 1:10.000 base map data and organising quite a huge amount of orthophoto and satellite data easily accessible to all GYGIS users.

The five GIS applications of GYGIS include building a comprehensive Emergency Response System, the city's WebGIS service, a "Digital Community" application to support local community-level administration and services, Flood forecasting and Decision support system, and an Air Quality Forecasting application. Training was essential part of the work

The system was developed using ESRI GIS software (ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS Engine, ArcSDE, ArcIMS). The GIS platform runs on Oracle 10g DBMS software, and the Emergency Response Center's geodatabase will use SQL Server.