Helping lenders find the best next step

Helping lenders find the best next step


Project facts

Client: Sampo Bank PLC and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB - the financing banks of Myllykoski Oy

Services: Transactions

The lending banks of Myllykoski (including Sampo Bank PLC and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB) were faced with a difficult decision. With Myllykoski unable to meet its financial obligation to its lenders, they asked Pöyry Management Consulting to assist in understanding the options and manage an exceptionally challenging corporate and financial restructuring.

Our deep forest industry expertise allowed us to accurately understand and value Myllykoski’s operations under current and predicted market conditions. We examined Myllykoski’s corporate strategies, asset quality and cost competitiveness and placed their performance in the context of the overall industry with benchmarking and industry structure analysis.

Our analysis allowed the lending banks to go forward with a plan to find a buyer for Myllykoski’s operations. We assisted them in identifying, qualifying and assessing potential buyers. After helping them to locate the correct buyer for Myllykoski’s operations, we developed a corporate restructuring plan that would address the concerns of the lenders and buyer and highlighed the operational improvement potential of the combined business entity. In addition, Pöyry Capital provided investment banking services for the divestiture including performing due diligence and developing the structure of the transaction.