Touching everyday lives - HPP Sohlstufe Lehen

HPP Sohlstufe Lehen - exceptionally designed hydropower plant built in the heart of the city, Salzburg AG, Austria


Harmonising flood protection needs with cultural heritage ...

Salzburg AG is one of the leading energy suppliers in Austria. To meet rising demand for electricity and to improve the flow conditions of the Salzach River, they decided to construct a hydropower plant in the middle of the town of Salzburg which was a challenge. That meant running heavy equipment through narrow residential streets. And it required minimising pollution and congestion for city residents. In addition, the geology around the Salzach at the project site is less than ideal.

Salzburg AG issued a public tender for bids on the plant and ultimately chose Pöyry, a company with which Salzburg already had a successful 20-year track record.

Pöyry is a regional player that brings the expertise of a number of well executed hydropower projects to bear. And it showed with the results achieved at HPP Lehen - Salzburg AG Project Manager Martin Pfisterer