Improved performance at Jarl Timber gives new owner big returns

Improved performance at Jarl Timber gives new owner big returns


Project facts

Client: Norvik Timber, Jarl Timber site

Services: Operational Excellence

When Norvik Timber bought Jarl Timber in Sweden, they knew that the facility was capable of producing more. They asked Pöyry Management Consulting to determine what was possible.

The answer surprised even the new owners, as we found over $ 2.5M USD (20.5M Swedish Kronor) of potential opportunity. To translate this opportunity into results, we provided new tools, actionable information and better management processes.  The new management systems provided the Jarl team with new targets and the focus to relentlessly pursue optimum performance levels despite senior staff turnover. 

By the end of the project, production volume and yield had increased allowing Jarl to produce the same volume on a single shift that previously took two shifts to produce.  Maintenance improvements reduced the need for emergency work by 80% and improved machine availability by 30%.  The $ 2.5M opportunity was just the beginning. The management systems have allowed Jarl Timber to continue to achieve significant performance improvements, delivering real results to Norvik’s bottom line.